Historia de Paticueros

History of Paticueros

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I am Jaime Patiño, a Colombian who currently lives in the city of Bogotá, like many people I try to earn an honest living. My story with Paticueros began more than 4 years ago, when I started a technology channel on YouTube called JP ANDROID BOGOTÁ, but unfortunately 2 years later they closed me down.

I tried again with the channel I have called Tecno Apps Review, which is on the same subject and currently works on YouTube with its own website. You will say this guy has a lot of money but it is not like that, whoever says that he lives from the internet or YouTube is because he has more than 100,000 subscribers, in my case I do not even reach 10,000 so like many people I have to go out to work all the days.

More than a year ago I saw the opportunity to help my dad with his shoe store which is in the house, he used to make one or another pair of new shoes but I saw how hardly anyone bought him and it was not because he did them wrong but because the place honestly it does not lend itself to a large influx of customers.

I started selling their products through internet platforms such as free market, linio.com and success, I saw how people in the midst of mistrust and fear of buying online were buying my products, I expanded the catalog a bit and started selling products made by other Colombian microentrepreneurs.

Paticueros was my next step, I have no technical knowledge in programming so I began to investigate until I found the best way to create this virtual store, I know that there is a long way to go to say that everything is perfect, but I can guarantee secure payments to customers or site visitors and thanks to all the purchases that they make me, I have been able to pay expenses, although the reality is that I continue working as an employee because I am not earning millions to dedicate myself to this full-time.

Soon I will try to offer payments on delivery, expand the product catalog and make my business better known. For the moment, I am very grateful for your visit to Paticueros, a store made by Colombian people who have felt what it is like to be in need but who keep going because you never have to give up, especially when you have goals to achieve.

Thanks to all the suppliers, people and relatives who have supported me, to whom I do not also thank because with their negative comments I have learned to improve or move on until I emerge triumphant from each situation. Welcome to your 100% Colombian online store