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We freak out!

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Before I tell you the news, I will start by saying that we are Colombian shoemakers who have been making and repairing leather articles independently for more than 10 years. We do not have many resources but thanks to our dedication, discipline and effort we have managed to train to the best of our ability. capacities this virtual store for more than 1 year to be able to offer the products and have the ability to receive payments or send items to any part of the country.

We had been working hand in hand with mercadoshops, an internet platform that allowed us to create our store, for more than 3 months we had been showing that customers were trying to make payment through "mercado pago" in cash through efecty or baloto points , but when they generated the purchase, they never received the code to go to any branch to make the payment by email. We decided to move our store to a more robust platform that would allow us to integrate agile and secure payment methods through other companies that offer payment processors.

That is why we began to migrate our virtual store to wordpress, a robust web design system, which is used by many people worldwide to create websites, thanks to this we have been able to integrate the secure payment method through the company " PayU”, any customer can make payments with credit cards, codensa easy credit and in cash with a cash coupon or ballot.

This change opened the doors to many more improvements that really benefit all our customers and that I will list below:

1 each client at the time of making a purchase from us can create their own account to manage their contact information, their orders and be aware of everything that interests them in the process of a purchase that they make from us, even if they do not wish to create the account There is no problem because it is not a mandatory requirement to buy from us.

2 in each published product will be able to see and write reviews of their shopping experience so that others can take them into account.

3 we will have a tab with news like this that we will share so that our customers are aware of all the news.

4 in the product pages they will be able to search through filters that group the products into the newest, best sellers and most qualified.

It has been hard work but we believe that these changes will significantly improve the experience of all our customers and visitors to the virtual store. Your opinion is very important to us, so if you can leave us a comment below about how you like the new design, do you agree with the colors, that we should improve and that we are really doing wrong to try to correct it.

Thank you very much for all the support for Colombian entrepreneurship, welcome to the paticueros.com family