Porque hacer una compra en Paticueros

Why make a purchase in Paticueros

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Many customers and people interested in making a purchase from us ask themselves the following questions: Why should I buy at the Paticueros store? What security do I have that my money will not be stolen? Will the product arrive? What quality will what I buy have? Will they have a guarantee? Will they make changes or money back?

In this publication we will clear all your doubts and we will guarantee that making a purchase from us is completely safe, easy and agile. I will start by telling you that Paticueros is a proudly Colombian store, created by independent shoemakers who have been creating excellent products in leather and high-quality synthetic materials for more than 10 years. You can learn more about our history in their respective blog post.

We are not billionaires, since we live in the south of the city of Bogotá, but in each sale we make we put our experience, discipline, honesty and professionalism into practice to deliver the best possible product at the most affordable prices on the market.

We process payments securely, with the payment gateway called Mercado Pago, which is owned by Mercado Libre. With this platform integrated into our site, we guarantee that the information is encrypted with the highest quality standards, to protect the data of our clients when they make the payment.

In all the products we sell we offer fast and cheap shipping throughout Colombia.

If you are in Bogotá, we guarantee that we will send you most of our products within one business day, for other cities depending on the distance it will take 3 days to arrive.

All our shipments are made with recognized courier companies such as: TCC, Servientrega, Coordinadora, Envía; At all times you will receive notifications of the order, so that you can track it with the guide number and we have enabled the option for you to have your own account within the store, to have more control over your purchases.

We offer changes, guarantees and money back. According to our policies that we have published and which you can access with the following links:

Hassle-free warranties

seamless changes

Regarding the quality of the products offered on our site, we can tell you that most of them are articles made by Colombian hands, in durable materials such as leather, which will undoubtedly provide you with positive experiences;

We cannot tell you that each product will last a lifetime, as things go through a cycle and sales are the pillar of our business.

Every time you make a purchase from us, you are supporting Colombian shoemakers in the country where you live, helping micro-entrepreneurs and revitalizing the economy. Just as you shop at big brands, which are not even Colombian.

Thank you for visiting our site, for your possible purchase, as we know that you suddenly have additional questions, you can contact us by the following means:

Cell phone number or WhatsApp: 3157396119

Email: info@paticueros.com

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