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Free Shipping Guayo Style Shoes To Play Soccer Synthetic Cement Court


Product Type: Guayos cancha sintética, cemento y tierra
Tags: Colegial , Guayos
Weight: 0.4 kg
Vendor: Paticueros

Available sizes: 30
Available colours: Black with neon yellow
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Important details of the shoe: soccer shoes

  • After confirming your purchase, we spend three days manufacturing and shipping them throughout Colombia.
  • Guayo style shoes made in Colombian lasts taking into account national sizing.
  • Changes are made for size and money back at no additional cost.
  • They are made of resistant and durable synthetic material.
  • The sole is glued and stitched to make them durable.
  • 100% Colombian product.

Excellent pair of guayos made by Colombian shoemakers in high quality synthetic materials; with a non-slip sole that is ideal for synthetic or cement courts, which is glued and sewn to further guarantee its durability. Shoes made from size 30 to 42; We can manufacture them with studded soles for grass or grass courts, we have availability in black and green.

The product is the same as the photos; Ask for the actual size that they fit because they are made in Colombian lasts that take into account the national size. Shipping nationwide, fully guaranteed product; Changes are made by size and even money back if the product is not what you expected.

Enter your shipping information correctly as the system automatically generates the courier guides to send the package. Be encouraged to buy guayos made in Colombia; With your possible purchase you support national talent and help the economy of the country where you live to grow a little. Thank you for your possible purchase.

Follow us on our Facebook fan page to keep up to date with the raffles and promotions that we are launching. Subscribe to our YouTube channel Paticueros, to see the best video reviews of the products we sell. Look at the other model of cleats with studded soles for grass or grass courts.

soccer shoes synthetic court

We have the best assortment of professional guayos in all of Colombia. These promotional guayos have a great design and color combination that anyone will surely like. If you are looking for mid-range boots, you came to the right place, because our models adjust to the needs you may have.

These cheap cleats are built with resistant materials and the sole is sewn to make them more durable. The children's guayos that we handle have bright tones that your children will love immediately. Let me tell you that we have guayos for synthetic mercadolibre; If you buy them directly on our site, we can give you the best price because we do not pay commission as if we were on those platforms.

We understand that with the situation in the country you surely want cheap used cleats; but why don't you give yourself the opportunity to wear a good pair of sneakers of this style for the first time; with reduced price and various payment options. We have availability for delivery of our synthetic court shoes, so you don't have to search so much, apart from our product is made by Colombian hands.

We have synthetic shoes in Cali, sale of shoes in Pereira and in general we have the ability to ship throughout Colombia without problems. We can supply you with wholesale guayos, with that you get a lower price for your business. This shoe to play on a synthetic court is available in various sizes and is shipped within a maximum period of three days after your purchase is confirmed. With the order of these cleats for synthetic or cement courts, you have a guaranteed product; with great materials and that is manufactured in the country where you live.

Do you have discounts and promotions?

RTA: We handle offers throughout the virtual store. They are the following:

✅ Products already have discounts applied.

✅ Additional discount of 8%, on purchases equal to or greater than $130,000, is not valid for bags or shoes. The benefit is automatically activated on the checkout page.

✅ We have an additional 5% discount on the purchase of two or more products. This benefit is automatically activated on the checkout page.

Important note about the discounts offered: If you try to make a purchase with several products, our system will give you only one additional discount; which in this case will be the highest possible, according to the purchase being made.

Unfortunately at the moment we cannot add a double or triple discount to each purchase made; that is, a discount on footwear, another discount on bags and another discount on other products. If we did, we would go bankrupt, since our income depends solely on the profits generated from the sales made.

Is the credit system with Addi safe?

RTA: Addi is a legally constituted company in Colombia. Through a few simple steps, you can grant a credit quota to the customer, to redeem it automatically, for the value of the purchase you are making in the virtual store and that you can pay up to three interest-free installments.

From the checkout page, you can choose this payment option, if you are approved, the payment will automatically be credited to us and we will dispatch the order without fail.

How do I select the size of the straps for men and women?

RTA: All our belts are one size or universal. They support from the smallest size to 38. The buckle is easy to remove or put on to cut them to suit each person.

If you need a larger size, you can leave a comment in the notes section of the order, which is found on the checkout page. With that we will send you the longest one that supports up to size 52.

Where do you ship the products from?

RTA: We are located in Bogotá, but we ship to all of Colombia.

Do you have shipments for the same day in Bogotá?

RTA: Yes we can deliver on the same day, through PiCap. Within two to three hours it would be arriving. Please, to buy like this, it is better to contact the WhatsApp number: 3157396119 because with that we can quote him and take the order. Remember that shipping is calculated by PiCap, based on the distance in kilometers where your address is.

What is the shipping time?

✅ For Bogotá one or two business days.

✅ Main cities between 2 and 4 business days.

✅ Remote destinations between 4 and 12 business days.

How much is the shipping?

✅ The dispatch is calculated automatically from the checkout page. According to the shipping data placed by our clients (as), our system shows the real rates, charged by the courier companies, in that city or region of destination.

The prices are established by the parcels and we have no control over that part. For each destination, our system shows several shipping options, where the customer can choose the one they like best.

Remember that sometimes cheap shipments are delayed and expensive ones are usually faster; then it is your decision to choose your shipment very well and the arrival time will also be the same.

Can I pay with Nequi, DaviPlata, Cards, PSE and Efecty?

RTA: If you can cancel with all those means of payment. We use the payment gateway called "Mercado Pago" which is owned by Mercado Libre and performs 100% secure transactions. We receive manual bank transfer to Bancolombia.

Do the products have a guarantee?

RTA: In the majority of products that are made of genuine leather, we give a 45-day guarantee. Although almost all can last more than 18 months with continuous use. We cover factory defects and premature deterioration of the product.

Do you have a physical store?

We have a store in the town of Usme, near Alfonso López Bogotá Colombia. But if you bought the $5,500 of the cheapest shipping that we offer in Bogotá; with time, tickets or gasoline to come to our point. It is cheaper to buy from our virtual store and wait for the product to arrive.

Size guide for men's shoes and sneakers

colombian size
Height in centimeters US size (USA)
30 twenty 1
31 20.5 1.5
32 21.5 3
33 22 3.5
3. 4 22.5 3.8
35 23 4
36 24 5.5
37 24.5 6
38 25 7
39 26 8.5
40 26.5 9
41 27 10.5
42 28 11.5
43 28.5 12.5
44 29 14


Size guide for women's shoes and sneakers

colombian size
Height in centimeters US size (USA)
30 twenty 1
31 20.5 1.5
32 21.5 3
33 22 3.5
3. 4 22.5 3.8
35 23 5.5
36 24 7
37 24.5 7.5
38 25 8.5
39 26 10
40 26.5 10.5
41 27 12
42 28 13
43 28.5 14
44 29 15.5