We look for suppliers

Thank you very much for entering Paticueros, a virtual store created by Colombians with national products of excellent quality. We are not the large multinational that suddenly any supplier would like . Well, in reality we are independent shoemakers who, thanks to technology, try to revitalize our shoe store and sell some products online. You can see all the products we have for you in the store section.

Thanks to the support of all our suppliers and customers, we have been able to sustain ourselves in the market and be able to meet all our financial obligations. To accept you as a supplier we do not require the large paperwork that a multinational would request . We only want to find honest people with unique products interested in selling us a certain amount and as we sell we will continue to buy.

We are looking for clothing suppliers

We would only need to see your product, place a small order and rest assured that if we sell it successfully we will buy from you again without any problem. We are looking for suppliers in the area of ​​sandals for women or men, bags for women and men, ankle boots, card holders and passport holders, necklaces, etc.

It does not mean that we only accept proposals with those products . If you manufacture or make different articles, we can take you into account to see if it is feasible to make a purchase. So that we can start our business relationship, you just have to write to us by email: info@paticueros.com or WhatsApp and Cel number: 3157396119.

Finally, thank you very much for your interest in supporting Colombian entrepreneurship. Remember that almost all of our products have video reviews. You can follow us on our YouTube channel Paticueros so you don't miss a single unpacking with the products we are releasing.