seamless changes

At we value our customers very much and we appreciate the trust they have placed in us when making a purchase. We want to tell you that if you buy a product such as shoes from us, you will have 8 days to express your desire to change the size or even refund your money. You can see all the products we have for you in the store section.

If you buy an item that is defective and you sincerely want to change it because the quality does not meet your expectations, we will gladly make the change within 8 days after the item arrives in your hands. We have some requirements to be able to help you with changes and money returns, which are the following:

How we face Changes without problems

1 When you decide to change the product due to size or defects, you must contact us before the end of the 8 days after the arrival of your product. For all of Colombia you can contact the cell number: 3157396119 where we will gladly take note of your request to process it as soon as possible.

2 If you are in Bogotá you can take the product back to our address, which is informed by telephone. If you made the purchase of the product from us in another city in Colombia and even through internet platforms such as free market, linio and success. Which are different from our virtual store. You will have to assume the value of sending the product to us in Bogotá as an individual. Well, we will assume the expense of resending you a new product.

3 If you receive a defective product or you want to change shoes by size, we strongly ask you to process your request. You send us the product in perfect condition. In other words, it does not have deterioration due to use, mistreatment and additional things that may cause the invalidation of your request. Do not forget to attach the proof of purchase that we deliver in each sale we make.

It is as simple as that to make us requests for change or refund of money on your purchases. Once again, thank you very much for the trust placed in us. Remember that we will gladly be waiting to take your requests, additionally you can write to us by email: in case you have any