Hassle-free warranties

Thank you very much in advance for having purchased in our virtual store, for us you are an important customer because you have placed your trust in us and that is why we want to do everything in our power so that you are completely satisfied with your new product or purchase made.

We know that due to manufacturing conditions there is a product that has premature deterioration or comes with some defects that you would undoubtedly want to receive support to repair it, modify it and even change it for a new one.

All the products that we sell through our virtual store, internet platforms, have a 1-month guarantee, some people will say that it is a short period of time and others will say that it is relatively fair. The aspects covered by our guarantee are:

How to demand a product guarantee

1 Regarding footwear made of leather or synthetic materials, we can offer you free service for premature deterioration of the sole, the materials and the seams that make it up. Depending on the status of each case, we will proceed with the repair of the product. If we see that it is badly damaged and requires a new one, we will do so at our discretion. You can see all the Colombian products we have in the store section of our site.

2 regarding wallets, straps, insoles, accessories and small products. We will make the repairs for free when we see that they are very slight damage to the articles, but in almost all cases we will proceed to exchange for a completely new product or at least we will do it in the part of the templates that we sell.

3 for the other products. As the case may be, we will proceed to make the repairs free of charge or exchange the item for a new one at our discretion.

Guarantee of a product in Colombia

Now we will see how to make effective the guarantee that we give you in your purchases made by our virtual store, free market, linio and success. For this you can follow the following steps:

1 Correctly list the product that is causing you inconvenience, attach your proof of purchase that should have arrived when you made the purchase. Remember to try to keep the product in the best condition you can so that we can validate the guarantee.

2 Contact us at cell phone number 3157396119 to tell us about the problems you have with the product you purchased and to give you our information such as the address to send the product back to our shoe store.

Legal guarantee in Colombia

If you are in Bogotá you can take the package directly to our business or send it as an individual in any courier company, but the value of the shipment is assumed by the client, since we will assume the payment of the shipment again of the repaired or changed article to the client.

If you are in another city in Colombia, you can send it by courier company assuming the respective payment, because as I mentioned we will cover the shipment back to you later. Remember that we have our Paticueros channel on YouTube, with the unpacking of almost all the products we sell.