Affiliate Terms and Conditions (a)

Thank you in advance for your interest in joining our affiliate program at Paticueros. We are a 100% Colombian virtual store, which is why we can start by telling you that this program is focused solely on people who live in Colombia. If you register from another country, you can be sure that we will never pay commissions for any sale made.

The affiliate system consists of registering on our page; From the section of my account you can log in and have access to the affiliate panel (a). Through this panel you are sharing links with a unique identifier, if someone accesses our store with that link to buy any product, we will automatically add a commission to your affiliate account, and with that we can cancel it.

Regarding the minimum threshold for withdrawing money, we can tell you that you will have to have $20,000 Colombian pesos to pay yourself. It is important that you enter real data when registering on the platform; From your account settings you can update the information of Nequi, DaviPlata and bank account. The information will be useful to be able to contact you in case of anything and manage with you the way in which you can receive your money. Regarding the percentage paid, we can tell you that it is 10% of each purchase that customers make, with the link that you share on social networks or web pages that you have.

For example: if a customer makes a purchase of $87,000 for a bag, we will pay you $8,700, which is equivalent to 10%, those commissions accumulate until you reach the payment threshold mentioned above in your account. If for any reason you can't meet the minimum to cancel, every two months we'll pay you what's available in your account.

Through the unique identifier, our system automatically detects when a customer buys with your affiliate link, in order to be able to pay the money to your account. It is completely forbidden for you to make self-purchases, that is, to use your own link to buy in the virtual store and thus get commissions; Believe us when we tell you that our system has many measures to detect these irregularities and we will surely cancel your affiliate account, then you will lose a unique opportunity to earn money from home or in your free time.

Each affiliate link that you generate has an expiration time, that is, after you share it on social networks or wherever, you will have up to 30 days for our system to detect if a customer makes a purchase with that link, otherwise it will not commission will be added in your favor; but do not worry because you can continue generating links, to have more chances of earning commissions.